The Audemars Royal Oak Perpetual and the GST Perpetual in Titanium from IWC Schaffhausen are two perfect examples, on different ends of the price scale that come to mind.   The inert qualities of Titanium may score a lot of points with you.  The watch remains relatively light, and does not conduct heat as quickly and matches your skins’ temperature.  Even with the IWC GST’s massive 43mm case and a height of 16mm - you don’t get the feeling of a large watch on your wrist.  It’s virtually weightless.  Readability while descending through 4400 vertical feet at 45 mph on a snowboard?  Yes. 

Rugged, comfortable, invincible and a not-so subtle ‘retina-burning’ intensity that makes wearing a perpetual calendar during a squash match all the more powerful.

The Audemars (without chronograph) is also able to accomplish this degree of comfort in steel - while it’s case is 39mm in diameter and a mere 12mm height.   This gives the Audemars a slim profile that limits the propensity of knocks on the bezel - perfect for any reasonable athletic activity.  The ‘bead blasted’, matte finish of the Titanium case on the GST is great for hiding scrapes and dings  which the hardness of the Titanium already deflects  - so go ahead and dive for that kill shot! 

What does the future hold for this growing segment of the Perpetual Calendar Market?  Even lighter cases made with high-tech materials, ceramics, carbon, PVD, composites, mixed materials.  Check back in soon - we’ll be sure to discuss more on what the future holds.  The ‘ultimate sport calendar’ delivers a range of options - you never know where February 29th will take you.