What first impresses you about Martin Braun is his enthusiasm, passion, and youth.  With such an accomplished line of complex pieces - you would expect the brand to be much further in its years.  Now, in only it’s eighth year - Martin Braun yields more innovations to compliment his seven lines of strikingly robust execution.  He is also, simply, a delightful gentleman to speak with.

These are watches which are undeniably linked to the Earth, and our universe.  Braun based the Astraios line on the laws of planetary motion first considered by Kepler, where planets were found to move in eccentric, elliptical orbits.  This development is a truly original configuration of wheels that precisely calculate revolutions, and the elliptical orbit of the Earth to accurately calculate local sunrise and sunset based on the wearer’s latitude/longitude on the planet.  Phenomenal.  The “nautilus-shaped” cams with long, crossing hands of blued-steel appear as planetary “scales” that pinpoint this calculation as the Earth “wobbles” throughout the year giving us the seasons. 


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