Time Computer

The “Meccanico dG” by Geneva-based watchmaker de Grisogono is as fantastic as a HG Wells inspired adventure through time.  It evokes images of Charles Babbage and his mechanical computers.  This is one of the finest examples of complex haute horlogerie - taking something as simple as the time in hours and minutes, and adding a second time zone display in a mechanical display inspired by a digital-LED display.  To accomplish this is no easy feat, requiring no fewer than 651 individual parts.  de GRISOGONO was determined to break new ground and explore an area no watch manufacturer had ever ventured into: a digital display driven by an exclusively mechanical system.

It’s Complicated

The most celebrated, coveted watches of the premium watch market are “complicated”.  In the more exclusive tiers of haute horlogerie - watchmakers are driven to break new ground in technical , and artistic expression.

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The Tourbillon

The manual production of a tourbillon can be carried out only by very skilled and astute watchmakers.   Its successful execution is an unquestionable certificate of mastery.  Over the generations of watch-makers, since Breguet, there were probably fewer than 250 able to execute such a masterpiece, according to Richard Meis, in his book “The Tourbillon”.

The tourbillon, as a mechanism, enjoys much prestige and admiration due to it’s complexity, and rarity.

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New Decade Approaches

If there is one day each year that makes admiring a perpetual calendar even more special, it’s New Year’s Eve.  Here is when the day, date, month, moon phase, and year display advance all together at, or near midnight.  For 2009 - 2010, we have a new decade display which will also be advancing - even a rarer complication to witness.

LIVE: Watch the New Decade Arrive

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